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Frequently Asked Questions

Twist Lock Coupler

No Longer Available

Brushes & Brush Holder

No Longer Available

Armature & Armature Housing

No Longer Available

Bearing Plate

No Longer Available







Q. Where do I order Remington Chainsaw parts?

A. If you know the part number you can order parts at www.PartsFor.com.
If you need to look up a part number visit www.rem.PartsFor.com for model breakdowns and replacement parts.

Q. How do I order parts if I live outside the Lower 48 states?

A. At this time we only accept billing and shipping addresses from the lower 48 states.

Q. I need the adjusting screw and nut?

A. The adjusting screw is specific for each model of saw; the adjusting screw comes as part of the adjusting block, or sprocket cover depending on the model. You can look up replacement parts at www.rem.PartsFor.com.

Q. Where can I find replacement parts locally?

A. Rem.PartsFor.com is an informational web site for common replacement parts; we do not have any local retailers. All replacement parts can be purchased thought our www.PartsFor.com online shopping cart.

Q. Where do I get warranty parts and/or replacement?

A. Rem.PartsFor.com is operated by PartsFor.com. PartsFor.com is a replacement parts company and not a manufacturer. Product warranty is only covered by the manufacturer. For models manufactured by DESA, before 2008 Desa filled bankruptcy in December of 2008 and is no longer in business, for all other products you would have to contact the manufacturer for warranty.

Q. I am searching for part numbers and there are no results?

A. Make sure you are typing the correct part number, if the part number is correct and “Your search returns no results” then the part number you have entered is no longer available to purchase and we do not have a replacement at this time.

Q. How do I replace the Twist Lock coupler on my Remington Pole saw?

A. The twist lock coupler is no longer available; you would have to replace the pole. However, the replacement cost of the pole outweighs the cost of a new pole saw, so we do not carry them.

Q. Where do I find a replacmet pole for my Remington Pole saw?

A. The replacement cost of the pole outweighs the cost of a new pole saw, so we do not carry them.

Q. I am trying to order parts and your website won’t let me?

A. Enter the part numbers in the search box, add the qty. you need and add them to the cart. Once you have all the items in the cart click on the checkout button in the upper left hand corner of the page and proceed through the checkout process.

Q. What is the shipping cost?

A. PartsFor.com has a Flat rate per order.

Q. How our my parts shipped?

A. All Remington Outdoor parts are shipped Via USPS, United States Postal Service.

Q. What type of oil do I use in my Remington Electric chainsaw?

A. Fill oil tank with SAE #30 motor oil. For temperatures below 30deg F, use SAE #10 oil, for temperatures above 75deg F, use SAE #40 oil.

Q. What size file do I use to sharpen the chain?

A. 5/32” round file is recommended.



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